The Seventh Day of Christmas Books

And even more mystery! The British Library has been publishing crime and mystery novels from the 20th century that had gone out of print. They are all quite wonderful and I commend the whole series to you. One is titled Mystery in WhiteA Christmas Crime Story by J. Jefferon Farjeon. It’s a story not unlike Murder on the Orient Express. (If you have not seen the excellent new Kenneth Branagh movie on Agatha Christie’s great novel, be sure and do so soon!) In Mystery in White, a heavy snowfall brings a train to a halt near a small village, and the passengers all find shelter in a deserted country house, and it all plays out from there.

Although not well known today, Jefferson Farjeon’s work was highly regarded in his day. Dorothy L. Sayers wrote that he was “quite unsurpassed for creepy skill in mysterious adventures.” A lovely Advent/Christmas connection here is that he was the brother of Eleanor Farjeon who wrote the text for the Advent hymn People Look East. She also wrote the much more famous Morning Has Broken. You can learn more about the Farjeons on Eleanor’s Wikipedia page:



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