The Sentence Is Death

I was a little uncertain about Anthony Horowitz’ last detective novel featuring himself as one of the characters. (See post on The Word Is Murder.) I picked up the second installment – The Sentence Is Death – when I was in London in December. This book totally convinced me.

Once again Horowitz is following the consulting detective Daniel Hawthorne as he assists the police in solving a murder or two. This murder happens in London’s wealthy Hampstead neighborhood, and is an intriguing story of friendship, betrayal, and the sport of caving. But in these two books it is the relationship between Hawthorne and Horowitz that makes the story. Interspersing the invented story with his real life, Horowitz gives us an interesting glimpse into the world of the writer. With the occasional peeks into his TV work (the filming of Season 7 of Foyle’s War is part of the plot here) and into his own life and writing, we’re taken on an enjoyable journey.

I think there will probably be a third. We ‘ve had “word” and “sentence.” Will the next title be “paragraph” or “page,” and will Hawthorne and Horowitz actually work out their differences?

The Sentence Is Death will be available in the US on May 28, 2019.

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