Susan Hill Simon Serrailler Novels

A couple weeks ago I wrote about being excited by the delivery of two novels (pre-ordered digitally) from two series I really like. One was the latest in Susan Hill’s series about police detective Simon Serrailler. Hill is a well-known and respected writer, most noted for her ghost story The Woman in Black. It is required reading for students in English schools, and the dramatic version has been on in the West End for a very long time.

Her Simon Serrailler books are excellent crime novels that include the fascinating and interesting dynamics of his family of origin. They keep you engaged on both levels, and I have enjoyed each iteration.

Until now. I was very disappointed in Benefits of Hindsight. I did not think it held together well, and it included one story in the plot that did not seem to fit at all. Although we learned more about Simon’s family and about his return to police work after a serious injury which included the amputation of his left arm, nothing seemed to work very well or make sense.

I would recommend the entire series – nothing is perfect, and it seems Susan Hill missed the boat this time. But do check these out – in order, please – and enjoy this excellent foray into contemporary English crime fiction and modern family turmoil.

Here are the books in order, followed by a photo of my own collection, minus the ebooks!

The Various Haunts of Men(2004)
The Pure in Heart(2005)
The Risk of Darkness(2006)
The Vows of Silence(2008)
The Shadows in the Street(2010)
The Betrayal of Trust(2011)
A Question of Identity(2012)
A Breach of Security(2014)
The Soul of Discretion(2015)
Old Haunts(2018)
The Comforts of Home(2018)
The Benefit of Hindsight(2019)

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