State of Terror, by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Louise Penny

I am not a big fan of Hillary Clinton, although I admire her courage and confidence. I am a big fan of Louis Penny’s novels, so I was intrigued when they teamed up to write a political thriller, State of Terror. Right away there were amazing reviews from trusted places. I’m always a bit suspicious of reviews that call a book “a real page-turner,” but this one definitely was one for me!

It’s a great plot and is maybe just a bit close to the bone for the current political climate. And it certainly kept me guessing! At one point midway, I thought there was a weak spot in the plot. I was wrong about that! And it was a bit unnerving to think about how much Hillary Clinton really knows. For all of the Louise Penny fans, it wouldn’t be a spoiler to say the book includes a visit to Three Pines.

Among the best parts for me were the friendships defined among the characters, especially the women. Penny and Clinton used names from real-life loved people, and that honoring adds depth and richness to the whole story.

The book is worth the piece at the end of the book that each of them wrote about how they got into doing this and what the experience was like. It reminded me of my favorite Dorothy L. Sayers and her dedication to her friends at the beginning of Busman’s Honeymoon: You [Muriel], Helen, and Bar, were wantonly sacrificed on the altar of that friendship of which the female sex is said to be incapable; let the lie stick i’ the wall! [Dorothy L. Sayers, dedication in Busman’s Honeymoon, 1937.]

A friend sent this piece from CBS Sunday Morning, an interview with Penny and Clinton:

This is a good read!

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