Kate Shackleton Mysteries by Frances Brody

Recently I caught up with a mystery series I really enjoy. Frances Brody writes about Kate Shackleton, a WWI widow with good skill for sleuthing. These books match a lot of my favorite reading categories: in England between WWI and WWII, set in Yorkshire (Brody lives there), and a female protagonist. Brody does great research and has captured the time period with its interesting, and sometimes sad, history very well. Her characters are really fun. I highly recommend these. The cover art is cool, too!

  • Dying in the Wool (2009)
  • A Medal For Murder (2010)
  • Murder in the Afternoon (2011)
  • A Woman Unknown (2012)
  • Murder on a Summer’s Day (2013)
  • Death of an Avid Reader (2014)
  • A Death in the Dales (2015)
  • Death at the Seaside (2016)
  • Death in the Stars (2017)
  • A Snapshot of Murder (2018)
  • The Body on the Train (2019)
  • Death and the Brewery Queen (2020)
Dying in the Wool: A Kate Shackleton Mystery (A Kate Shackleton Mystery, 1)

One thought on “Kate Shackleton Mysteries by Frances Brody

  1. The mystery series by Frances Brody looks appealing. And I look forward to virtual travel with you when you go to Oxford. Bev

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