Birder Murder Mysteries

When we go to Tofino, BC, which we do every year for at least a month, we always stop in at the local bookstore, Mermaid Tales. We always find fun and interesting reading there, often things we’d miss at our usual US book haunts. I found Iona Whishaw there, and a couple years ago my husband discovered Steve Burrows’ Birder Murder Mysteries. I haven’t had a chance to read these yet, but Larry can hardly put them down! He’s read them all now, so he hopes for a new one soon. I’ve also learned that they’re making a TV series based on the books, which will be fun!

Burrows is a Brit who lives in Canada, and his detective in these books, Domenic Jejeune, is a Canadian living in the UK. Friends who are keen birders (we’re interested beginners) say the books are really good about the whole birding thing. And one of these days the Canadian border will open again and we can go back to Tofino and make other wonderful discoveries.

Here they are in order, with their delightful titles:

A Siege of Bitterns (2014)
A Pitying of Doves (2015)
A Cast of Falcons (2016)
A Shimmer of Hummingbirds (2017)
A Tiding of Magpies (2018)
A Dance of Cranes (2019

2 thoughts on “Birder Murder Mysteries

  1. I’ve always loved the group names given to animals. So did my Aunt Astrid. She used to collect them on 3X5 cards! When we were walking in the Cotswolds I learned that a group of flushed pheasants is known as a bouquet!


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